It is an appeal to ASUS India that don’t make a fool of yourself, with such high pricing. It is way too expensive for what it offers, they made the very same mistake with pricing Transformer Prime TF200 for INR 50K, and i think that they must not have hit the 4 digit Sales mark with it. Indian consumers are price - sensitive, so better plan accordingly.

I just talked to Asus represntative on phone and its still not clear whether they are going to release the without ‘Mobile-dock’ version of the device.

The availability in Mumbai is still atleast a week away, so more wait on the way.

And if somebody from ASUS is listening, i would like to convey him/her that I need one of these Transformer Pad TF300TG 32GB model without mobile dock for a price of INR 30K. That price would be so sweet!

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